R&M Landscaping

Sod & Hydroseed

Many times an existing lawn cannot be saved. Excessive weeds, diseases, insects or polluted soil are all reasons why a lawn must be replaced.

Newly constructed homes or businesses also utilize sod as a quick method to enjoy a green lawn or greenbelt.

R & M Inc. Landscaping and Irrigation Contractors install only premium sod from the best growers.


Hydroseed can be the most cost effective method to create a new lawn. Hydroseed basically is grass suspended in a tank of water with fertilizer and hydromulch and then is spread by water pressure through a flexible hose.

Grass often will sprout in just a couple of weeks and will take approximately two seasons to produce a thick well blended lawn. We stand ready to provide you with professional advice and a free quote for each one of these services or a comparative quote for both.