R&M Landscaping

R & M Inc. Landscape and Irrigation Contractors has taken a proactive approach in the development of municipal services such as street sweeping, abatement services, snow and ice services, sewer installation & repair, as well as all of the customary landscape services that you would expect from full service property management providers.

For example, one of our municipal services is providing residential and commercial abatements. This essential service works in conjunction with the city ordinance enforcement program by performing the abatement service in an expected professional manor.


Here are just a few of the benefits to the municipality by contracting services to R & M Inc. Landscape and Irrigation Contractors:

  1. The city does not need to purchase, own, man, garage or maintain any of the equipment needed for the services contracted. This is a huge financial burden taken off the municipal budget.
  2. The city generates income by assessing a fee above the amount paid for the abatement services provided which can lead to thousands of new dollars annually.
  3. The residents will appreciate the cleanup of their city.
  4. The abatement contractor is a politically neutral enterprise.
  5. The dollars saved and earned through contracting certain services out can be used to develop other programs or reduce budget shortfalls.
  6. Because we execute municipal services quickly and professionally this service gives real teeth to the ordinance enforcement department.
  7. R & M Inc. is available to meet with city officials to give advice on how to develop a profitable municipal service contracting program.