R&M Landscaping

Lawn Mowing

Did you know there is a right and a wrong way to mow your lawn?

There actually is a wrong way to mow your lawn. Have you noticed ruts in your lawn or grass that seems to avoid being cut by the mower? How about grass that looks as if it has been torn instead of cut? These are just a few of the evidences of a lawn that has not been properly mowed.

Do you really count the cost of mowing your lawn each week? Costly items such as; gas, oil, the lawn mower itself, blade sharpening, the disposal of the grass clippings, not to mention your valuable time and effort are items that when added up are substantial.

If you would like a free quote for a professionally maintained lawn that often costs less than you are currently spending then contact the lawn professionals at R & M Inc. Landscape and Irrigation Contractors.

Don't work on your lawn, relax on it!

Lawn Trouble Shooting

Have lawn problems but insure what is causing them?

Have you spent hard earned dollars on lawn chemicals that didn't cure the problem?

Tired of guessing?

Insect, diseases, and poor maintenance practices all can contribute to turf problems. Save money and time. Contact us and we can send out a horticultural-turf specialist to get to the root of your lawn problem.