R&M Landscaping


Landscaping for your home, office or managed property creates an inviting atmosphere. Connecting with the environment shows your guests, neighbors, clients that you care about your property.

Proper design should merge your wishes with the reality of landscape maintenance and plant selection. Our experts will not only help make your vision appear,but also ensure you won't be looking at a nightmare years down the road.

Each of our designs incorporates tree & shrub selections, but can also include; paver and wall design, perennial and annual plantings and maybe nightscape features.

By choosing R & M Inc. Landscape and Irrigation Contractors you also get a team of experts in lawn maintenance and sprinkler systems.

Free Consultation

A designer will come out to your home or site and meet with you. This will take about 30 to 45 minutes. He or she will measure the areas, take pictures and schedule a second appointment to present our landscape plan with a free quote.

If you would like a copy of the schematic to perform the installation yourself there will be a charge of $250.00. This charge will be applied toward our installation of the design. The contract to install our design must be signed within 90 days.

Whether your landscape is going to be a low-maintenance foundation planting or a breath taking vista view, just fill out an online request a quote form and let's get started!