R&M Landscaping

Sprinkler Systems

  1. Would you like your lawn to be the greenest on your block?
  2. Would you like to stop dragging the hose and sprinkler around the yard?
  3. Would you like to reduce the chances of having lawn problems problems such as grubs?
  4. If you are currently utilizing the hose and sprinkler watering method, would you like to lower your water bill

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then installing a sprinkler system is the correct answer.

Yes, you really can reduce the amount of water you are currently using to water your lawn. The old inefficient hose and sprinkler method will always irrigate areas where there is no lawn. By allowing us to install a customized lawn irrigation system you water only the lawn areas not the driveway, sidewalk, porch, or street. The less water you use the lower your water bill.

R & M Inc. Landscape and Irrigation Contractors have designed and installed hundreds of custom residential and commercial sprinkler systems.


Seasonal Service and Repair

Through the years many of our irrigation customers came to us first for seasonal services and repairs simply because the company that originally installed their system went out of business. We offer spring openings and fall winterizations and can repair all makes and model of irrigation systems.

Once you experience the R & M Inc. commitment to customer service you'll become one of customers for life. Contact us or apply online to request a quote.