R&M Landscaping

Holiday or Event Lighting & Decoration

Using exterior decorative lighting in trees and shrubs creates an inviting look and feel to your property, especially at the entrances. Properly done, the lighting attracts the eye to your property and makes a statement of proud ownership. Today, more and more businesses and property managers are using decorative lighting year-round, and it has become an essential piece of their landscape picture.

Smart property managers are even using decorative lighting as a marketing tool to attract customers to their properties. It does work! The additional lighting also acts as a security-safety feature by providing light in dark areas. Another advantage is decorative exterior lighting uses less electricity than conventional signage.

We'll be glad to work with you to address all your property maintenance needs. One call is all anyone should have to make to get their landscape needs met.

R & M Inc. Landscape provides municipal, commercial and managed property exterior lighting and decoration services. Let us design, install and maintain a decorative lighting program for you. Contact us for a free quote.