R&M Landscaping

Finance your residential landcaping projects!

Do the math! Improving your residential landscape will raise the value of your home. Whether you're thinking of selling or just want to give your home a new look, landscaping is one of the best ways to add value to your home.

There's no need to wait! Keep your money and use ours. Wouldn't it be easier to make a small monthly payment and keep your money for other needs?

R & M Inc. Landscape and Irrigation Contractors can finance all your residential landscape projects, including sprinkler systems and plantings. Through 'GE Money' we offer many different payment plans. Plans range from 12-months no-interest/no-payments to a 48-month low payment with a low fixed rate. We offer several other plans that may fit your budget, too. Why wait to add value to your home? Contact us now and let's get started

To apply, simply click on 'request a quote', fill in the information and click on submit. Once you receive our project quote, we can then submit the application to GE Money for approval. Once approved, we will order the material and schedule the project. It really is that simple. This process usually takes no longer than 48 hours to complete.


    48-Month Plan Payment Examples
    (Plan 548) 6.9% APR Introductory Rate


  • Project Amount $1500.00 for 48-months is $40.00 per month
  • Project Amount $2500.00 for 48-months is $66.00 per month
  • Project Amount $7,000.00 for 48-months is $178.00 per month
  • Project Amount $10,000 for 48-months is $265.00 per month


Payments listed are approximate only. Rates may vary and will depend on various factors such as interest rate, timing of payments, whether any fees or other charges are added to your account not all applicants will quailify. The more you pay each month the quicker your balance will be repaid.